How to Use Personal Unsecured Loans to Boost Your Business

By Terry Godier, Medical Practitioner,

Terry Godier, Medical Practitioner,

Business financing is one of the hardest aspects of running your operations. You might have the most innovative business ideas, but if you don’t have the funds to build on it, the whole enterprise might screech to a halt. For small businesses, securing funding from banks is almost impossible because they don’t have enough collateral.

For IT startups that might not have physical assets, things are even harder. Luckily, there are alternatives to traditional lenders that you can use to grow your business. Unsecured business loans are now a popular financing alternative especially for small businesses. If you have been struggling to get approval from your bank for a business loan, it is time to explore online personal unsecured loans as a viable alternative.

Unsecured Loans in Detail

There are two major types of business loans; secured and unsecured. For secured loans, you must have some assets that will be used as collateral. In case you are unable to service the loan, such assets can be sold to recover the amount. An unsecured loan on the other hand is pegged on your promise to repay based on a regular income. If your business is making some money or you have another source of steady income, an unsecured loan has many advantages.

"For small businesses, securing funding from banks is almost impossible"

Why Unsecured Business Loans?

Here are some of the reasons you should opt for an unsecured loan to expand your business:

1. Easier processing and approval: Like with most online loans, applying and getting approved for a personal loan for your business is easy. This process can be done online. Unlike secured loans, there is no need to verify the value of the physical assets and this means you can sort any emergencies quickly. Take for instance, if your store suffers fire damage; an unsecured loan helps you get back on your feet quickly.

2. Protecting your assets: If you have just started out, you don’t want to risk losing your assets in case business is bad. It is easier to renegotiate the terms of an unsecured loan as compared to a secured one.

3. Flexibility: Whether you want to expand your stock or open a new branch, an unsecured loan gives you the leeway to do this. With more cash in hand, it is easier to bring your ideas to life without worrying about any risks to your assets.

4. Higher loan amounts: Depending on the type of asset you have a secured loan will limit the cash you get. For an unsecured loan, you just have to prove you can pay the amount you have in mind and the money will be availed to you.

5. Building a relationship with lenders: Most lenders want a lasting relationship with you and if you pay a loan on time, they will be willing to lend more. This means you will always have the money you need to grow your operations.

When searching for an online unsecured business loan, make sure you seek referrals from other business owners to find a reliable lender. More importantly, borrow an amount that you can easily pay off and always remain within your borrowing limits.

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